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When it comes to top-quality electronic gadgets, the name “Sony” stands out as a symbol of excellence. With a reputation for delivering cutting-edge products, Sony has become a formidable force in various industries, including the video camera market. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the diverse range of Sony video cameras available in Nigeria, exploring their models, prices, and essential considerations for potential buyers.

Sony Video Cameras & Prices in Nigeria:

Sony offers a diverse array of video camera models, each varying in size, specifications, design, and features. Here’s a detailed breakdown of some popular Sony video cameras and their respective prices in the Nigerian market :

  1. Sony FDR-AX100 Digital 4K Camcorder Video Camera – From N1,600,000
  2. Sony HXR MC2500 HD Professional Camcorder – From N575,000
  3. Sony HXR-NX100 Full HD NXCAM Camcorder – From N1.5 million
  4. Sony HXR-NX200 4K CAMCORDER Video Camera – From N1.95 million
  5. Sony HXR-NX5R NXCAM Professional Camcorder – From N2.2 million
  6. Sony PXW-X70 Professional XDCAM Compact Camcorder – From N1,200,000
  7. Sony PXW-Z150 4K XDCAM Camcorder – From N3.75 million
  8. Sony HDR-CX405 HD Handycam – From N280,909
  9. Sony Hdr-cx240e Camcorder – From N200,000
  10. Sony FDR-AX700 4K Ultra HD Camcorder – From N870,000
  11. Sony Hdr-pj380e Hd Handycam Camcorder – From N400,000
  12. Sony NEX-VG20 Interchangeable Lens HD Handycam Camcorder – From N670,000
  13. Sony PXW-Z190 4K 3-CMOS 1/3″ Sensor XDCAM Camcorder – From N5 million

Where to Buy Sony Video Cameras:

Sony video cameras are readily available for purchase from the manufacturer, local distributors, popular online stores, and electronic gadget stores across Nigeria. Prices may vary based on the place and time of purchase, with direct purchases from brand distributors often being more cost-effective.

Pros and Cons of Sony Video Cameras:

Things You Will Like:

  1. Top-Notch Video and Image Quality: Sony video cameras consistently deliver outstanding image output, solidifying their position among the market’s best.
  2. User-Friendly Design: Sony video cameras are designed for ease of use, with accessible tabs and convenient portability.
  3. Durability: Sony products are known for their durability, ensuring long-term use with proper maintenance.

Things You May Not Like:

  1. Premium Price: Sony products, including video cameras, are generally more expensive compared to some other brands in the market. However, the quality often justifies the investment.

Considerations Before Buying a Video Camera:

To make an informed purchase, consider the following factors:

  1. Resolution: Determine the resolution you need, choosing between standard HD 720p and full HD 1080p based on your intended use.
  2. Image Stabilization: Check the video camera’s image stabilization capabilities to reduce the risk of blurry footage.


Sony video cameras have earned their place as sought-after devices in Nigeria, offering unparalleled quality and durability. Before making a purchase, carefully consider your needs and preferences to ensure you select the perfect Sony video camera for your requirements.

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