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As the fan industry evolves, standing fans have emerged as the reigning champions in Nigeria. Their surge in popularity over recent years can be attributed to their unparalleled flexibility, dynamism, efficiency, and overall convenience. Unlike their ceiling counterparts, standing fans offer mobility and adjustable features, allowing users to direct airflow according to their preferences. In this blog post, we delve into the reasons behind the standing fan’s dominance, the types available, their prices in Nigeria, and essential tips for making the right purchase.

Why Standing Fans Reign Supreme:

Standing fans have become a household essential in Nigeria due to their:

  1. Flexibility and Mobility: Easily adjustable and movable, standing fans offer unparalleled convenience compared to other fan types.
  2. Effective Operation: With easy-to-use controls, standing fans ensure efficient airflow regulation and speed adjustment.
  3. Power Options: Modern standing fans are not solely reliant on electricity; rechargeable batteries and solar-powered variants provide uninterrupted operation even during power outages.

Types of Standing Fans in Nigeria:

  1. Rechargeable Standing Fans
  2. Non-rechargeable Standing Fans

Rechargeable fans operate without power, offering a solution for electricity shortages, while non-rechargeable fans require a continuous power supply.

Standing Fan Prices in Nigeria:

OX Standing Fan Prices:

  • 16 inches Rechargeable OX standing fan: N35,000 – N45,000
  • Ox PLUS 18inch STANDING FAN-BLACK: N12,500 – N20,000

QASA Standing Fan Prices:

  • 16 inches Rechargeable standing fan: N27,500 – N35,000
  • 16 inches standing fan (with remote): N24,500 – N30,000

(Include prices for Panasonic, Lontor, Century, Andrakk, Sonik, Binatone, Polystar, and more)

Things to Consider Before Buying a Standing Fan:

To make an informed decision, consider these factors:

  1. Size (Number of Inches): Choose a size suitable for your space.
  2. Budget: Align your budget with the intended purpose of the fan.
  3. Blades: Fans with blades are effective in controlling airflow.
  4. Mobility: Opt for a fan that is easily movable between rooms.
  5. Warranty and Brand: Consider the warranty and reputation of the brand for durability.

How to Choose the Right Standing Fan:

  1. Blade Efficiency: Opt for blades for better air circulation.
  2. Intended Purpose: Select a fan based on whether it’s for a room or office.
  3. Budget Planning: Link your budget to the fan’s intended purpose.
  4. Rotational Speed and Standing Height: Choose a fan with high rotational speed for broader coverage.


Standing fans play a crucial role in homes and offices, offering comfort and relief. However, not all standing fans are created equal. By considering factors such as size, budget, blade efficiency, and intended purpose, you can make an informed decision and choose a standing fan that meets your specific needs. Explore the diverse market offerings in Nigeria, and elevate your cooling experience with the perfect standing fan.

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